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My Web Audit
Creating website audits that business owners understand and value has always been a tedious process—until now. Our process helps you create incredible audit reports—in just 3 to 5 minutes—using a combination of dozens of automated tests and an easy-to-execute manual site review process. Start delivering beautiful, high-value reports on what matters to your busy prospects and customers.
Whether you’re a web professional, a digital marketer, or an agency of any size, we’ll help you deliver massive value, build instant credibility, close the gap between what you charge and what your client wants to pay for, and add more predictability to your sales funnel.
GoDaddy Pro

GoDaddy Pro offers a robust suite of free tools to web developers & designers to help them save time managing all their clients and sites. With GoDaddy Pro, you can easily shop for your client, monitor their sites, and manage all their WordPress websites from one place. Exclusive time-saving tools let you update WordPress core, plugins and themes with one click, as well as automate WordPress backups, cloning and migrations. Get real-time performance, security and uptime monitoring across all your websites. Additionally, your free membership includes advanced 24/7 technical support.

When you pair GoDaddy Pro with GoDaddy hosting products, the benefits are even greater. Check out the Free Tools

Turnkey Websites Blueprint
Turnkey Websites Blueprint is a 6-week video course for web professionals (designers, developers, implementors) that will teach you everything you need to know to plan, build, sell, and scale Websites-as-a-Service (WaaS) on WordPress.
WP Care Market
We match website owners with quality web agencies for ongoing website support. At WP Care Market we offer the "Care Plan Intensive" to aid those website professionals on how to establish profitable website care plan in their business. During the 3-week online intensive, web agencies to receive a "copy and paste" website care plan set-up for maximum profitability.

Here with the Ears
Our names are Robert and Alyssa Simmons, and you may know us better as "the crazy couple living at Walt Disney World!"
That's right - for this entire year, we’re calling Disney World our home, and we’re pretty okay with that.
To answer your questions: No, we are not rich. Yes, we still work on our business while we’re here. No, we do not work for Disney. Yes, our families also think we’re crazy (but they love us anyway).
If we didn’t answer all of your questions, you can learn more about us below. We’re actually pretty interesting once you get to know us.

Content Snare
Collect content and files on time without email. Ditch endless email trails, massive attachments and messy Google docs. Gather content and files in one place with automated client reminders. Content Snare was created by an agency that was tired of content delays reducing profitability and causing project backlogs. From day one, the software has been developed in collaboration with other agencies.

GoWP is the complete solution to outsourcing your agency’s maintenance and support needs.
Our expert engineers work as an extension of your team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We take care of the updates, security and backups that keep sites running smoothly. And we’ll handle the content edits and other issues that come up.

Lee Goff Agency Coaching
As you know, building a successful digital agency can be difficult, and the question most agency owners ask is: "How can I build, maintain and expand my agency now for the life my family and I desire." The answer is: "It is not easy, and there are no shortcuts, but with the right coach and tools, it can definitely happen and happen fast." For over 16 years, through countless hours of work and too many mistakes to count, I have come up with a proven program to make your digital agency successful. There is no "secret" to success, but it can be done with the right leadership and coaching. After exiting my 7 figure agency, I dedicated my life to "Making Agency Owners Lives Easier," and my Agency Success Roadmap Coaching Program does just that. 12 course, 75 tools, educational workshops, accountability workshops, and so much more...I look forward to discussing your agency in the near future.

Sell Your Service
The Sell Your Service Gameplan is for WordPress businesses who don’t know how to build marketing funnels – which their customers need, right now. We help WordPress businesses turn into WordPress marketing funnel rockstars. You’ll generate leads and sales from WordPress websites and marketing automation funnels. We’ll show you how to build a marketing funnel using ANY WordPress website.


The CourseLauncher Platform leverages the power and flexibility of WordPress with a plugin suite designed to give you an easy and worry-free experience to build, sell and deliver your online course quickly and confidently.​

With the CourseLauncher Platform, you can turn your expertise into a stunning and powerful online course site that delivers results.

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